Hull's Lost Trawlers

St. Romanus

The St. Romanus sailed from Hull on 10 January 1968, a liferaft from the ship was found on 13 January by another vessel and a search began. By 30 January the families were told that there was little hope for the vessel and her crew of 20. It was heard at an inquiry that a mayday call from the ship had been heard on 11 January by another ship, but had not been passed on.

Kingston Peridot

The Kingston Peridot had also sailed from Hull on 10 January with a crew of 20. The ships cook was replaced at Reykjavik due to being injured. She told another trawler by radio on 26th January that she was having difficulties with ice build-up on the ship, but no further contact was established, on 29 January one of her liferafts was washed ashore. News of her loss was received in Hull on 30 January, just as hope was fading for the crew of St. Romanus.

Ross Cleveland

Ross Cleveland sailed on 20 January, before the loss of the first two trawlers became known. One of the crew was put ashore for medical treatment, leaving 19 on board. On 4th February the ship was overwhelmed by the wind and sea, capsized and sank. The last radio message received by the other ships was from the captain, and ran:

I am going over. We are laying over. Help me. I am going over. Give my love and the crew's love to the wives and families.

........Phil Gay, skipper of the Ross Cleveland


The Notts. County and the Heiðrún, were wrecked in Isafjordur that night, the latter lost with all hands. News of the sinking reached Hull on 5 February, six days after that of the Kingston Peridot. At first it was believed all aboard Ross Cleveland had died, but on 6 February Harry Eddom, the mate, was discovered alive, having been washed ashore in a liferaft the previous day. Two other men had been with him in the raft, but both had died of exposure before reaching the shore.

H135 Roderigo

On Jan 23 1955 the weather started to deteriorate and gale force winds were blowing bring with it freezing ice conditions, The Kingston Garnet gave out a distress call and trawlers Lorella and Roderigo headed towards it to help. On the 24th the Kingston Garnet had fixed its propeller and gone to safety. When the Lorella and Roderigo arrived they found nothing, late on the 24th the Roderigo started icing up badly.  On 26th Jan the Lorella went down but the  Roderigo which was a bigger vessel fought for survival and contacted another ship, the Lancella.  At just after 17.00 the Roderigo sank but the Lancella left and headed off to search for the missing vessels but had to give up on 27th.  A life-raft belonging to the Roderigo was later recovered on the 2nd Feb, confirming its loss, 40 men had lost their lives. I have a print of this trawler which had belonged to my uncle and I can only presume he had once sailed on her.