Hull Slang

Hull Saying


Am gunna I’m going to
Avin a lot off Being rude or insulting
Ayer Have you
Bags to go Foggy I would like to go first
Bains Children
Bit Short Not much cash
Bray Beat up
Brick on Edge Very nervous
Cake hole Mouth
Chow at me Shout at me
Chuck it Throw it away
Croggy Giving someone a ride on your bike
Flags Paving Stones – Pavement
Frame Do things well
Ger / Geroffme Get – Get off Me
Giz / Giz it Ere Give – Give it to me
Have a Skeg Have a look
Larkin Playing
Like watching paint dry Really slow
Lugs Ears
Mafted Really hot.
Mi mam My mother
Nowt Nothing
Nowt in it It’s Empty
Owt Anything
Roaring Crying
Short back and sides Short Haircut
Scraps Bits of batter with fish and chips.
Shur rup Shut up
Siling down Raining
Spanish Liquorice (Pontefract Cakes)
Summatup? Is there something wrong ?
Tansad Folding pushchair made by Tansad in 50’s
Tarrah Goodbye
Tenfoot Road at the backs of houses – 10 feet wide
Twagging off Off school with a lame excuse
Yon end The other end
Yon side The other Side