The Humber Ferry

My father used to get passes for the trains due to working on the railways and we used to visit Cleethorpes quite a lot. This involved a ride on the Steam Ferry and then a Steam Train ride.

It was like going on a big adventure for a youngster in those days.

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It was great on the ferry because it was a paddle steam boat and you could watch the big pistons going up and down in the engine room through a Perspex window. No health and safety rules in those days meant you could wonder around the boat.
We would get on a bus in paragon station which took you to the Hull Pier and get on the ferry. The ferry took about 20 minutes, and the train took around a hour to get from New Holland to Cleethorpes. It really was something to look forward to because there was the ride across the Humber and also a ride on a steam train. You could hang your head out of the door window and let the steam blow in your face.

Clee train

The Lincoln Castle was used as a pub on the Hessle foreshore, but then moved to Grimsby were is rusted away. Campaigners tried to raise the £1.3 million pounds it would have needed to restore it but in the end it was scrapped in 2011. It was 70 years old having been built in 1940 and was the last coal burning paddle steamer to operate in Britain.

There was talk of someone buying all the bits and putting them back together again at a cost of over £3 million. Check it out here.

Some sad pictures Here.