All in Wrestling

I remember watching my father, watching All in Wrestling. He used to be nearly out of his seat as if he were wrestling one of the top boys. It was good entertainment as you can see in the excerpts below.

You Grunt, I’ll Groan”

I Remember………..

Mick McManus (1921 -) – He used to foul his apponents while the ref wasn’t looking and the crowd would go bananas. He used short range forearm jabs and Boston Crab. He became famous for his trademark black trunks and cropped black hair and for his catchphrase “Not the ears, not the ears”. He partnered Steve Logan in Tag matches who was another wrestler of the same ilk.


Jackie Pallo – He was really quick and used to roll back on his feet when given a arm spin. He wrote a book where he let out some secrets like biting lips to produce blood, to get the crowd going.

Les Kellett (1915–2002) – Although well known for his comic antics he was widely respected and feared, in equal measure, by his fellow professionals and was regarded as one of the toughest opponents in the sport. One of his standard tactics was to appear punch-drunk and almost defeated in a match, before suddenly recovering his ability and delivering the decisive move.


Giant Haystacks (Martin Ruane) (1946 – 1998) and Big Daddy Shirley Crabtree) (1930 – 1997) – The heavyweights of the game.