Cucking Stool

The Cucking Stool

The punishment of the Cucking or Ducking Stool, or Tumbrell, was inflicted upon persons for minor transgressions. The culprit was placed in a stool or chair, and emerged over head and ears, in some muddy or stinking pond. The Burrow laws consign men to the pillory, and women to the cucking stool or tumbrell. These laws particularly refer to the frauds committed by brewers and bakers, and orders justice to be done upon them by subjecting them to the discipline of the cucking stool for their third offence. In the north of England the common people pronounce it ducking-stool. This machine, which has also been called the trap-door, was exhibited to keep that unruly member, the female tongue, in due subjection, but many instances occur of hardy females, who have undauntedly braved the punishment rather than surrender the invaluable privilege which a woman holds most dear.